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Qment Market Risk Index

Qment is a quantitative investment methodology developed by Bellecapital. Based on the assumption that only deviations from a steady state matter, we developed the Qment Market Risk Index to generate a quantitative allocation to equity, high yield credit and volatility markets. We do this through the identification of different market regimes and in particular temporary market bottoms. Qment is unique as it combines both momentum and deep contrarian signals. We do not rely on macroeconomic variables or technical analysis, but on market based risk measurements.

Qment Strategies

Qment strategies are constructed around the Qment Market Risk Index and are entirely rule based.

How it works

Gather information on pricing of market risk

Assess speed and magnitude of changes in market risk

Compress information into the Qment Market Risk Index

Process information into rule based asset allocation

Our price

Access to the Qment Market Risk Index is provided through a monthly subscription service.
The service may be cancelled at any time. The monthly fee will be charged via invoice.

How to access

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